Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ID True?
A: ID True provides you with the most useful, detailed and important information on just about anyone. Our background checks are complied from public records, and reveal information on criminal history, phone numbers, email addresses, residence locations, property records, social media accounts, and a wide variety of other information. We help millions of Americans find what they're looking for each and every day.

Q: Where do you get the data for these reports?
A: ID True compiles reports from millions of public records including information provided by state and local governments. All of the information contained in our reports is part of what is referred to as the "public record."

Q: Can I sign up my family members or friends?
A: Of course. Right now, we do not have family plans, but will in the future. To register your family members, you'll need to sign them up for their own individual accounts.

Q: How do I change the password or recover a lost password for my account?
A: Click the "Forgot Password" link on the login page at We will send you a link to the email account we have on file to reset your password.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: Our number one goal at ID True is customer satisfaction. If you wish to cancel your membership, feel free to call or email one of our excellent member care staff. You can find the contact information located on the contact page, or click the support link on the home page at

Q: Will I be billed every month for this service?
A: ID True offers a couple membership plans. All membership plans are billed up front for the entire term selected. By default, all plans are scheduled to renew automatically when the selected term comes to an end. If you do not wish to continue the ID True service, call one of our excellent member care staff.