Opt-Out Request & Search Removal


  1. Search for your name using the form above on the page.
  2. Select your record for removal
  3. Confirm your request by clicking on the link we send you in an email

Opt-Out FAQs

Q: How Long Does It Take?
A: Instantly. Once you select the record to remove and confirm your request by email, the record will be removed instantly from our search results.

Q: Does this Cost Anything?
A: No. To opt out of our people search is free.

Q: Will this remove my record including different city & state and common misspellings?
A: Yes, your search record shows your current location, but will not appear if someone searches for the same person in a different location. We also remove the record if there are any common misspelling of your first or last name.

Q: Will this remove my name from Google?
A: Google indexes webpages daily, and stores the information until the next time it re-indexes the page. If an ID True link is showing up in Google when you search your name, it should stop appearing within a week or so, when Google notices your information is no longer availible through our search page.

Q: How Many Records Can I Remove?
A: For security purposes, we require you to verify your opt-out through email. We allow each person you to remove up to 3 records per email address. If you have family memebers or friends, you can opt them out, but if more than 3 are needed, they will need to opt-out with a different email address.