How To Find Someone’s Birthday without Asking

Practically everyone has difficulties remembering birthdays. The more people you know the more birthdays you have to remember. Eventually, it all becomes very overwhelming.

You can usually get away with forgetting the birthday of an old acquaintance such as a past roommate or college buddy. Forgetting the birthday of a love interest or family member, however, can come across as insulting and careless.

Let’s say you’re not forgetful. Perhaps you simply wish to learn someone’s birthday to throw them a surprise party. Keeping a low profile while you’re searching for their birthday is the best way to maintain the element of surprise!

Thankfully there are effective and painless ways you can go about discovering someone’s birthday that doesn’t directly involve asking them.

1) Facebook

I think everyone can agree, Facebook has been a Godsend when it comes to remembering birthdays. Facebook usually will send you a notification when one of your friends and family has a birthday.

Even if that person is only occasionally active on Facebook, you can easily scroll back through a year of posts and keep on the lookout for “happy birthday” messages on a particular day. Note that date and you’re good to go!

2) Ask for their ID

This is a simple yet effective way to find someone’s birthday. You just a need a quick glance at their ID to determine what date their birthday lands on. Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to rifling through their wallet or purse to find their ID. You just have to be clever.

One way you could easily view their ID is by taking out your own ID and posing a few simple questions. For example:

“Don’t the new IDs have holographic strips on them? Let me see yours so I can compare it to mine.”

“My ID photo is absolutely terrible. What do you think of yours?”

Essentially you’ll want to pose a question that piques their curiosity. Naturally, if we’re curious or interested in something we’ll want to look at it. You can then take a quick peek at their ID and memorize the day they were born. Mission accomplished!

3) Interrogate friends

Interrogating friends is always a viable option. Just take the time to pull them to the side and quickly get the information you need. Hopefully, if you’re on their good side, they won’t scurry off and report to their friend that you’ve been asking. There’s always that chance they may blab anyways, but that’s a risk you may have to take if all other options fail.

4) Ask if they share a birthday with a celebrity

Everybody knows if they share a birthday with a celebrity or famous person in history. This question is also inconspicuous and casual meaning you can likely ask without raising suspicions about your intentions. Even if they don’t know the answer, they may mention the fact their birthday falls on a significant date such as the 4th of July or the day after Christmas.

5) Look up their information via public records

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to figure out someone’s birthday via clever tricks you could simply search for their information via public records. That way you don’t need to speak with them (or their friends) directly. Online background checks will give you their birthday along with a multitude of additional information. IDTrue┬áis perfect for running background checks, reverse phone lookups and more.


Forgetting a birthday can be embarrassing. Thankfully, you can employ a number of methods to ensure you remember this important day! From perusing someone’s Facebook page to running an online background check on IDTrue it’s only a matter of time before you learn their birthday!

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