How to find where someone lives with just a name

Curious about how to find out where someone lives, but don’t have much information except for a first and last name? There are many instances where you may need to know someone’s address. For example, you may have a cousin who you intend to mail a card for their birthday, but you realize at the last moment that you have no clue where they live!

You could always call around to friends and family, but that can be a time-consuming task. Thankfully, all you need to glean someone’s address is their first and last name. That’s it!

Steps to find out where someone lives

Yes, a first and last name is all you need to locate an address. With that being said, however, the more information you have, the better. Do you know their last known address? The state they currently live in? This information will greatly simplify the process of zeroing in on their current address.

Now take this information and visit Once you’ve inserted the relevant information simply hit “search” and sit back and watch as IDtrue compiles data from thousands of public records. Combing through so many public records may sound like it may take an extraordinarily long time to accomplish, but with IDtrue’s system, you won’t have to wait more than a few seconds!

Analyzing the data

Once the scan has finished, you will be presented with a list of names of people who match the description you’ve input into the system. Sometimes this list may be long, and sometimes it’s short. Whatever the case, carefully comb through the list as you search for the right person. You might be surprised by the sheer number of people who share the same first and last same as the person you’re searching for, so patience is key!

Once you’ve found your person of interest click on their name to gain access to more personal information to verify that you’ve made the right choice. For example, you can identify the general area where they live which will allow you to do more in-depth research on the surrounding area such as popular local spots, nightlife, crime statistics and much more.

You will also be given links to any possible social media accounts. If the person you’re looking for is active on social media, this may be all you need to get into contact with them quickly. Nothing beats the expediency of a Facebook message!

You might even gain access to information such as dating profiles. You never know, they might be on the market (which may or may not be a good thing for you depending on who you’re looking for).

You’ll want to specifically be on the lookout for the section that focuses on address history. It should list past and current addresses. Simply write down the address and you’re done!

On a side note, if you’re able to glean a phone number from your search try giving them a call (or send a Facebook message) to verify the address is correct. For all you know they could have recently moved out.

Finding an address with just a name

There you have it! If you only have a name head on over to IDtrue, insert the information and sit back and watch the magic happen! You certainly won’t regret it, especially when you’re able to ascertain the address you’ve been searching for.

Featured Image Credit: FirmBee / Pixabay