Is Your Online Match Dangerous?

online dating scamWhen searching for love online, everyone tends to highlight their positives and omit their negatives. Over 50 percent of surveyed adult users felt someone else’s profile was a serious misrepresentation. And 28 percent of hopefuls experienced discomfort or harassment from admirers who contacted them. Women reported the most mistreatment while deeming Internet dating riskier than men did.

Today’s trendy mobile apps like Tinder and Bumble offer convenient access, which allows disreputable and dangerous tricksters to scope out fresh victims. Being unaware of certain personal details could increase your chances of physical harm or fraud. Don’t let excitement about meeting your love match overshadow your safety. Use the tips below to stay on alert.

Lawbreaker Warning Signs

Red flags indicating that your potential mate might be a corrupt felon include:

No posted pictures: Someone unwilling to show his face may be concealing his identity as well.

Too attractive or familiar photos: A deceitful person stole internet images of an appealing, honest-looking, lesser-known public figure. Your suitor even could be posing as the opposite gender.

Shirtless male selfie: Any guy posting a half-naked selfie in a mirror so the flash covers his face might have underhanded motives. If his bare chest and abs distract you enough, you may not notice he’s preventing recognition.

Instant devotion: Distrust anyone professing love too soon as a fake flatterer. He could be setting you up to fall for a dangerous scam.

Conflicting messages: If your New York match who’s never left Manhattan seems familiar with foreign lands, he might be withholding an illegal past.

Inflated income: Anyone claiming to be a millionaire may be trying to trick you into something. A rich person wouldn’t publicize his wealth for strangers to exploit.

Shady financial deal: Why is he urging you to accept a secretive opportunity to make a bundle? That’s code for you bankrolling his scam or unaffordable lifestyle.

Overseas military deployment: Before returning to meet you in person, he asks you to transfer funds to cover expenses like his return papers and airfare. He’s using you for your money.

Criminal Background Check

Screening public-record databases on ID True will reveal if your suspicious Internet match has a criminal record. Learning about undisclosed arrests, misdemeanors, and felonies before falling for a devious suitor can protect your heart, reputation, physical safety, and finances. Even if your secret search doesn’t expose any serious crimes, you may discover a traffic violation history for dangerous actions like driving under the influence (DUI) and extreme speeding.

Pedophile Indicators

online sex offendersIf you’re a single parent, you could encounter a pedophile targeting you online to gain access to your children. Review typical details below to recognize potential predators:

  • Often male and over age 30
  • Single or in a sexless, companion-based marriage
  • Few friends from his generation
  • Job or volunteer work involves supervising children like coaching sports or private time such as unsupervised tutoring
  • Vague employment gaps may conceal questionable terminations or incarcerations
  • Fascination with kids, often sexually inexperienced but curious ones near puberty
  • Describes children in angelic terms as innocent, pure, divine, or heavenly along with exaggerated and inappropriate words
  • Prefers juvenile activities and hobbies like collecting toys, building car and plane models, and having exotic pets or reptiles
  • Home or special room features childlike decorations, appealing to whatever gender and age he hopes to entice

Targets include youngsters who are shy, withdrawn, handicapped, underprivileged, and from troubled families. A perpetrator manipulates uneasy kids with friendship, listening, empathy, self-esteem boosts, and fun outings. Then he unleashes love, guilt, or fear to confuse victims, luring them into adult activities like X-rated pictures or movies. He uses drugs and alcohol to hinder their abuse resistance and recall.

Sexual Predator Search

A confidential ID True background check will search the sex offender registry to disclose your admirer’s possible hidden past. Do this crucial step to learn if he’s a sex offender before introducing him to your kids. Never leave a suspicious date alone with your children until you confirm that his record is clear. Repeat offenders are too commonplace.

Every single parent must use extra safety precautions when seeking a new partner online. To avoid pedophiles posing as suitors, never post pictures of your kids in your dating profiles or social networking pages. Don’t mention your children, their genders, or ages online. Reveal such information only after developing a s