Reverse Phone Lookup – Totally Free!

It happens to all of us — the phone rings and you go to answer it, but you don’t recognize the number. You could always answer it to see who it is, but you run the risk of dealing with a telemarketer or another type of spammer. Sure, spam calls aren’t as common as they used to be, but there are still plenty of spammers looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

Your life would probably be much easier if you simply ignored the call, but as humans, we’re naturally curious. Plus, identifying who the caller is will help you to decide how you will interact with that same number in the future (answer it, ignore it, etc.).

Thankfully, there’s a way to look up unknown phone numbers to identify who they are. Simply run a reverse phone lookup to find all the information you need. As the name implies, a reverse phone lookup is a way to find out where a phone call originated from, whether or not the number is considered spam and much more.

Many reverse phone lookup services offer a paid plan (which have many merits), but today we’ll be focusing on how to perform a reverse phone lookup totally free. Let’s get started.

Free reverse phone lookup tools

Before we jump into the list keep in mind most reverse phone lookup tools only offer limited information until you upgrade to their paid version. With that being said, the tools on this list do a decent job at helping you identify unknown numbers.

1) Spy dialer

Spy dialer is likely one of the most accurate free tools on this list. In fact, its accuracy can be a little bit scary. First off, it will display the full name of any unknown number in just a few seconds. Next, it will also show you a map of the person’s approximate location based on their three digit area code.

Spy dialer proves how incredibly easy it can be to locate someone with just their phone number. Thankfully, you have the option of contacting Spy Dialer and having them remove your information from their database free of charge.

2) Truecaller

One of Truecaller’s unique strengths is its ability to identify businesses and unknown individuals as they’re actively calling your phone. Truecaller will also alert you to potential spam, allowing you to block specific numbers hassle free.

The front page of Truecaller is a simple call log that lists the names of unknown callers. On a side note, your phone naturally has a call log that lists the numbers that you call or receive, but Truecaller does so in a more accurate way.

Truecaller has already proven to be effective with over 250 million users and 4.5 stars on Android and iOS. One of Truecaller’s niftier tricks is that you can perform a free reverse phone look up directly on their website.

3) has been in business since 2010 and claims to have performed over 10,000,000 free reverse searches since its inception. This website proclaims loud and proud that they offer a completely free service without forcing their customers to upgrade to a paid plan to access advanced files.

When performing yor search , you’ll find information such as service type (landline vs. cellular), original service provider, area code, zip code coverage carrier type, original coverage area, name and even address. Just like Spy Dialer, you’ll even be presented with a map that displays the general area where the number originated from. Also just like Spy Dialer, you can contact customer service to have your number removed from their database.

On a final note, try not to confuse with which appears to have no affiliation with one another. Out of the two, seems to be the better choice due to its years of experience and the number of people they have helped.

4) Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup by Nomadic Ratio is a nifty tool that allows you to input any phone number you wish manually. Reverse Lookup is multifunctional in that it will enable you to send received calls directly to voicemail, make calls directly from the app and save numbers to your contacts list.

If you want to upgrade the service so that it includes live caller ID, you have to pay $2. While this is a reasonable fee, you could still get away with paying absolutely nothing by using Reverse Lookup to input phone numbers and using another free reverse lookup tool that already offers free caller ID.


Yes, everyone’s favorite search engine can be used to perform a free reverse lookup. We saved this one for last because we want to explain how this can be done. To use Google as a free reverse number lookup tool, type the phone number into the search bar and hit “Google Search.”

As with any search on Google, you’ll be inundated with advertisements at the top. More likely than not these ads, as well as the top organic searches, will be reverse lookup services that require you to pay a fee. As mentioned at the beginning, paid reverse lookup services have their benefits, but in this instance, you’ll want to ignore them.

Keep searching down the page and keep on the lookout for public pages such as business and personal websites as well as social media pages. If a person has posted a phone number at any point online, whether it be on a business website or a social media page, it’ll pop up at some point during your Google search. For example, someone who may have added their phone number to their Facebook page five years ago will pop up somewhere in the Google search.

Don’t give up right away if you don’t get a hit the first time around. You might want to repeat the search by writing out the number in a different way. For example, one search might be in the typical format with parenthesis and a hyphen — “(909) 453 – 2343” whereas your second search can be performed without parenthesis and a hyphen “909 453 2343.”

In all of its seemingly endless knowledge, understand that using Google as a reverse lookup tool may very well not work. After all, you can’t look up something that has never been posted online before!


If you’re curious about a phone number but don’t want to pay for a reverse phone search, there are plenty of free reverse lookup tools to choose from. However, keep in mind that free isn’t always the better option. Sites such as offer reverse phone lookup services as well as background checks (amongst other services) by searching public records.

You’ll often find that paid services tend to provide extra selections along with their reverse lookup features. No matter what option you choose, you can rest assured that you’re now well equipped to identify any number that calls your phone from this point onward.